Hello and welcome to Job Liberation with J. Todd Baker.

I have published this website as a means to document my experiments and trials in digital marketing. This will consist of the combination of videos and written content thoroughly demonstrating the practice of marketing strategies to generate income. Hopefully, this will provide value to others, but that is yet to be determined.

Who is J. Todd Baker

I am a father of seven (7) children with my wife, Tricia, of nineteen (19) years. I am currently working as a web developer for a small company in Clearwater, FL. I have been studying digital marketing for over a decade. Currently, I am living with my wife and six (6) youngest children full time in our travel trailer. I hope to quit my current job very soon so that we can begin travelling around North America. In addition to digital marketing and living an RV lifestyle, my current interests are juicing, raw food, and minimalism.

J. Todd Baker SelfieMy intention is to become financially independent, which is probably quite evident from the name of this website. The content of this website will fully reflect the level of my success in making my intention a reality.

My other projects include jtoddbaker.com, liquidcarrot.com, and tnttotality.com. These, and I am sure soon to be others, will often be the topic of discussion here at Job Liberation.