Canon 6ti DSLR

Purchased an affordable DSLR camera

Needed an affordable DSLR camera for shooting photos and video for a variety of different content outlets. I did not want to spend too much money (under $1,000) at this point as I am an amateur photographer and videographer. However, I wanted something that was capable of producing quality imagery. The Canon EOS Rebel 6ti DSLR camera kit was the perfect blend, accounting for both quality and price constraints.

Although I have so much to learn with this new tool, I am ecstatic that even as an amateur I am able to capture quality imagery. As I become a better photographer (and videographer), this visual content will only get better. That is exciting! I am sure it will be fun (at least for me) in time to look back and witness the progression as my skills evolve.

My first intention for its use will be for providing rich photographic content for a new magazine website that is currently under construction. In addition, it will allow for the production of quality video for future video blog posts and any video productions that may come to pass, professionally and personally. Although the kit lenses are nice, I intend on purchasing additional lenses in the coming months to up my photography game. After my initial experimentation with it, over this past weekend, I immediately wanted a more powerful optical zoom capable lens. So, in the coming months I will certainly be researching which lens to purchase for the next addition to my arsenal.

One thing is for sure, this new addition is going to help tremendously with not only developing quality visual content, but will afford me to the opportunity to explore options that I would not have considered without it. Yes…this indeed is an affordable DSLR camera kit can that can certainly succeed in accommodating most of your photograph and video needs for digital content. However, it can quickly become the gateway to a very pricey investment if you find yourself wanting to venture into the depths of photography and video production on a professional level.

The great thing is that it can be extended accordingly as your business grows, which is my exact plan!